Commercial Locksmith - All Suburbs

We offer the best in what you need for the safety and security of your business or complex. Our exemplary customer service and quality installation will give you as well as your tenants peace of mind about the security of their property & possessions.

We provide the following services:

• Electronic access control • Master key systems • High security and restricted key systems • Mortise locks serviced and installed
• New key cutting • Locks re-keyed • ADA hardware • Door closers and continuous hinges • Panic hardware

Rays Locksmiths are able to install and supply restricted keys for all applications. Once you purchase restricted locks & keys from us your information and authorised signatories are stored in our secure database, and only the persons on this list will be able to have a key reproduced by us. Also you don’t have to purchase a whole new locking mechanism to have restricted keys installed, as our locksmiths are able to provide restricted cylinders and keys to suit major brands and styles of locks that are on the market which will give you the safety you require at an affordable price.

How do they work?

Restricted keys have a unique profile and shape compared to other keys. The key itself is covered by a registered and patented design which prevents unauthorised persons from obtaining a copy. Duplication is only allowed to be performed by the original locksmith whom you purchased the keys from, and anyone wishing to obtain a copy will need to have their ID verified against the authorised signatories which are store with the locksmith. Each key is also stamped with a unique code which relates to the information stored in our database for your property.

Master keying allows the owner of a property to have full access while limiting access to  for tenant or employees to only what they need. No longer do you have to have multiple keys to access your property, with master keying it enables you to have full access to all locks in your property while being able to limit access to others. No matter how small or large you property is, our locksmiths are able to tailor a master keying system to suit your needs.